List of Pantos

If you’re choosing a panto script, it’s sometimes helpful to know which titles have proved most popular.

Maybe you want to know what’s been selling like hot cakes – or maybe you want to break away from the trend and stand out a bit. Either way – we can help!

We licence over two hundred panto productions a year and so here is a list of our pantos in the order they proved most popular last year. Please click on a title to learn more and order your free reading copy.

  1. Cinderella (Version 1) and Cinderella (Version 2)
  2. Aladdin (Version 1) and Aladdin (Version 2
  3. Treasure Island
  4. Sleeping Beauty
  5. Snow White
  6. Puss in Boots
  7. Camelot the Panto
  8. Rapunzel
  9. Robin Hood
  10. Dick Whittington
  11. Jack and the Beanstalk
  12. Beauty & the Beast
  13. Mother Goose
  14. Ali Baba

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I always knew it was an excellent script, but getting those audience responses the whole cast now realise just how good it is.
Denise Rosewell, Director, Ali Baba. Easton Players

"The wittiest and most original writer working in pantomime today."
AS Magazine

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