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Genuinely Funny, Family Friendly, Traditional Panto Scripts With A Modern Feel!

If you're choosing a pantomime script, you want it to make you laugh out loud - and most likely you want it to be traditional. BUT you also want it to have a modern feel with a few surprises along the way. And that's what Ben Crocker offers you - very funny, traditional panto scripts which feel fresh, witty and bang up to date. And full permission to edit to make local changes.

Check out the list of family friendly pantomime titles below and order your free pdf Reading Copies!

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Aladdin (Version 1)


The laughs start on page one and keep going right through to the final witty couplets. An Aladdin script which will delight your audience and provide your actors with some wonderful comic opportunities.

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Aladdin Version 2 (Arabian Version)


Set in Cairo and in the deserts of Arabia, this is an hilarious and brilliantly up to date take on one of the world’s favourite stories. Great for smaller casts!

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Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

This Ali Baba script is one of the funniest and definitely the most anarchic of all Ben’s pantomime scripts. With an optional fight for multiple dames, this script delivers comic mayhem in spades!!

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Beauty and the Beast

Full of genuine belly laughs and yet the scenes between Beauty and her Beast are full of real dramatic tension and pathos. A script which your cast can really get their teeth into!

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Camelot The Panto

A madcap twist on one of the English speaking world’s best loved legends. Written for a large cast, it’s a very funny, award winning script with lots of great roles for both men and women.

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Cinderella (Version 1)

If you want a Cinderella script which delivers big laughs within a genuinely touching telling of the story, this script is a great choice. Like Cinderella – you, your cast and your audience will all have a ball!

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Cinderella (Version 2)

A brand new pantomime script – based on Ben’s original Cinderella script, but re-imagined for a smaller cast and with some lovely surprises and additions.

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Dick Whittington

A joy from start to finish, winning four star reviews from the Times and the Telegraph. Packed with hilarious set pieces, sparkling verse for the immortals and a fantastic part for Tommy the Cat!

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Jack and the Beanstalk

Has delighted audiences all over the world and won awards as far away as South Africa! A panto script which delivers all the traditional trimmings and yet has a very fresh, modern feel.

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Mother Goose

A sparkling version of Mother Goose, transported to the land of the snow geese – a real “Frozen” wonderland of trolls, snowmen, woolly jumpers and even the occasional moose!

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Puss in Boots

This is a very funny panto script with a fantastic range of roles. Full of sparkling wordplay, great situations and inspired anarchy from start to finish!

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Rapunzel in her tower

Vibrant characters and a rambunctious love affair combine to make this roller coaster fairy tale a high energy, laugh a minute adventure from beginning to end. Rapunzel rocks!

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Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood

This is a rollicking tale of derring do – full of high energy fun, slapstick and slosh, the odd fight or two and a great story from start to finish!

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Sleeping Beauty

A cracking Sleeping Beauty script. It’s fast moving, very funny – and with some inspired routines it’s one of Ben’s most popular pantomime scripts!

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

In this delightful, award winning Snow White script, nowhere is Ben’s winning sense of fun more apparent than in the naming of the Dwarfs – the smallest and sweetest of which is called…. Disney.

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Treasure Island

Ahoy there, me hearties! If you fancy a Pirate panto script this year, then this is the one for you! Loads of laughs and adventure, with a large cast and great roles for both men and women!

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Panto Scripts for Small, Medium and Large Casts.

Sometimes panto script cast size can be really important. So, if you’re specifically looking for a small, medium or large cast pantomime script – check them out by cast size below!

Pantomime Scripts for Small Casts

(Up to 9 Principals)

Pantomime Scripts for Medium Casts

(10 to 13 Principals)

Pantomime Scripts for Large Casts

(14 Principals and over)



"Absolutely delightful panto, put together with wit and verve by Ben Crocker."
The Daily Telegraph

"A glance around at the rows of children - their faces truly shining, eyes wide and mouths open - illustrates the delight that pantomime still provides."
The Times

"The wittiest and most original writer working in pantomime today."
AS Magazine

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