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All my pantomime scripts allow you to choose your own songs and one of the great strengths of pantomime is the scope it allows you to and mix and match lots of different musical styles.

There are a wealth of truly fabulous songs out there, so this list is just the very tip of the iceberg - but to see one hundred of my favourites 

100 great panto songs

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Which were the most popular pantos last year?

List of Pantos


What should we aspire to in 2017?

Pantomime is a dynamic artform and although we love its glorious traditions, we also want it to feel contemporary and relevant for today's audiences.

For Ben's take on modern pantomime and panto script writing for the here and now CLICK HERE.

Modern Pantomime Scripts

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If you want a professional looking panto set - but don’t have a highly equipped theatre to put it in – these ‘Book’ sets are the perfect answer!

Pantomime Sets

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So, you've got a great panto script (hopefully one of mine), a great cast and you can't wait to put on the funniest pantomime your Audience have ever seen.
The read through goes brilliantly - everyone is in hysterics and all augurs well. And then you start to put it on its feet. Some bits are consistently hilarious, but somehow some other bits don't seem to be quite as funny as you thought they would be... WHY?

Well, there could be all sorts of reasons and some performers have a much surer touch with comedy than others, but all directors have been in this situation and there are some basic rules you can follow to make things much, much funnier. To see what I always try to do CLICK HERE.

Maximising the comedy in panto

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Workshops and Masterclasses

Benefit from Ben's professional know how and practical experience.

Learn the straightforward helpful stuff which really works. CLICK HERE.

Pantomime Sets


Whether you are looking for a full collection, or a particular costume - it would be well worth checking with Molly Limpet's Theatrical Emporium.

They have made a speciality of supplying panto costumes for both amateur and professional companies of all sizes and have copies of all Ben Crocker's pantomime scripts in house and ready to refer to.

To see what they can offer CLICK HERE.

Pantomime Costumes Photo: Molly Limpet's

And what to do if it's your job to arrange them...

You may be the Producer, or you may be the Wardrobe Manager. You may have done it lots of times, or this may be you're your first. Either way, Nick Hedley of panto costume specialists, Molly Limpet's, provides a wealth of handy hints and do's and don'ts to help ensure your panto costumes are as successful and pain free as they can be. CLICK HERE.

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Benefit from my experience as the director of over 70 professional productions. I am available to all users of my pantomime scripts.

From a quick chat about casting requirements to running through the logistics of a particular scene, I am always happy to help.

Just give me a call on 07790 595352, or send me an email to

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The wittiest and most original writer working in pantomime today.

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