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Ben Crocker Pantomime Scripts, Popular Pantomime Scripts

Including Aladdin Pantomime Scripts, Cinderella Script and other classic Panto Scripts

My Pantomime Scripts are written for the audience of today and have been getting some great reviews in the national press.

So, if you want a modern, tightly written, traditional pantomime where the comedy is based upon character, situation - and a glorious sense of the ridiculous -  have a look at some of my scripts. They'll give you the bedrock upon which you can create the exciting, comedy rollercoaster your audience will love.

From the age of three I have been hooked on pantomime. I love the stories, the anarchy, the fun, the shouting back, the guaranteed happy ending - and the real, five star, copper bottomed magic - where else could you find a middle aged man dressed up as a woman, waving good bye to two people dressed up as a cow, being led off by a young woman dressed up as a man AND for there to be real tears in the audience?

I've been a professional theatre director and writer for twenty years, but I keep on coming back to pantomime. It's the most democratic, joyous and generous form of theatre we have, where everyone is welcome - on or off the stage!

My pantomime scripts are story driven and get the children and the adults laughing at the same things - although sometimes for slightly different reasons... Royalty fees are competitively priced - so whether you want a top quality Cinderella script, or an Aladdin script, or one of the many other panto scripts I offer, click scripts and start reading straightaway! If you would like any more information regarding any of my pantomime scripts please do get in touch. You will be most welcome.

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